Supercomputer Consortium Created for COVID-19 Research

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the US Department of Energy and IBM, in collaboration with other companies, academic institutions and federal agencies, have created a supercomputer consortium. It aims to provide access to the world’s highest performing computing resources for research related to COVID-19.

The consortium has an unprecedented computing resource at its disposal – 16 systems with a total capacity of more than 330 PFLOPS. They have 775,000 processor cores and 34,000 graphics processors. This technique should help researchers around the world to better understand COVID-19 and find treatments.

According to the creators of the consortium, the fight against COVID-19 involves extensive research in areas such as bioinformatics, epidemiology and molecular modeling. Access to supercomputers will allow researchers to significantly speed up the work.

The Council of Experts will evaluate proposals from researchers around the world and provide access to supercomputer opportunities for the most promising projects.

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