Stupidity Redmi. Redmi 8 smartphone is really slower than Redmi 7

Some time ago, the Redmi brand introduced the Redmi 8A and Redmi 8 smartphones, which received the SoC Snapdragon 439. And all would be fine, but if Redmi 7A was also based on the same platform, then Redmi 7 has a more powerful SoC Snapdragon 632, and there was it is completely unclear why the company decided to make the new smartphone slower than the old.

Recently, the Redmi vice president explained this decision by saying that the Snapdragon 439 is manufactured using a finer process technology, but it’s not inferior to the Snapdragon 625 in AnTuTu. Why was it compared with this platform, it is not clear, because in Redmi 7 there is another.

Be that as it may, now we have the opportunity to evaluate whether such a Redmi solution was correct. The source got Redmi 8 and Redmi 7 and compared them, evaluating the speed of launching games.

As you can see, the old model is almost always faster. Moreover, sometimes the application opens on Redmi 7 a little later, but in the end it gets to the start of the game faster. Unfortunately, the source did not compare smartphones in applications, but it is unlikely that the situation would be different there.

As for the technical process, do not forget that the Redmi 8 has a much larger battery (5000 vs 4000 mAh), so switching to a more economical, but also a slower platform as a whole was hardly a good solution.

The funniest thing is that in the same message, the vice president of Redmi wrote that those who care about performance can buy Redmi 7. That is, Redmi itself actually offers to buy an older smartphone.

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