Starship’s ambitious spacecraft project is now top priority for SpaceX

A week ago, SpaceX accomplished what it took so long to launch its first manned mission for the Crew Dragon spacecraft. We have repeatedly stated why this launch is extremely important for SpaceX and astronautics in general. Now let’s talk about another ambitious project of the company.

According to sources, now for SpaceX the main priority will be the Starship spaceship. In a letter that Elon Musk sent to company employees, among other things, there was a call for a sharp and immediate acceleration of the development of the Starship project.

Please note SpaceX’s top priority is Starship.

In his appeal, Musk stipulated that everything that could reduce the risk of a Crew Dragon return is one of the main priorities. Among other things, the head of the company intends to help some SpaceX employees move to the city of Boca Chica, where work is underway on Starship. In particular, those who wish to “spend a lot of time in Boca Chica” and help the project will be provided with the company’s aircraft.

Recall, most of the Starship prototype trials in recent years have ended in explosions. Initially, introducing this spaceship, Musk spoke about putting it into orbit at the beginning of 2020, however, judging by the chain of failures, it would be good if the ship made a full flight at the beginning of next year. However, this is still a spacecraft, and not a new car or smartphone, so the timing here is completely different.

Recall that Starship will be used for flights to the moon and Mars. It will be able to deliver more than 100 tons of cargo to low Earth orbit.

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