Starship SN1 spacecraft prototype burst during test

The ship, which was pumped with liquid nitrogen, did not pass the test.
The prototype of the Starship SN1 spaceship burst during pressure tests conducted at the SpaceX training facility in Boca Chica, Texas. This prototype was supposed to be used in a test flight to an altitude of about 20 kilometers, followed by landing.

The published test video clearly shows how the tank filled with liquid nitrogen could not withstand the pressure, which led to its destruction, as a result of which most of the ship made a small flight before collapsing, falling apart.

Accurate information on the degree of destruction on the SpaceX website is not yet available.

Last November, with about the same result, a “pressure test” of the Starship Mk1 spacecraft was performed. Then, however, the main part of the ship remained in place, and only its upper part made a flight, but it rose higher than Starship SN1.

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