SpaceX successfully carried out the fifth launch of Starlink satellites, but the booster did not land on a floating platform

SpaceX is rapidly expanding Starlink satellite constellation.
SpaceX launched the fifth batch of Starlink Internet satellites into space yesterday. This launch was interesting in that for the used instance of the first stage of the Falcon launch vehicle with the number B1056, it was already the fourth, and less days were spent on preparing for the restart than in previous times.

Before that, the rocket was used on December 16 last year, that is, 63 days elapsed between launches, which is a record for SpaceX. Unfortunately, the launch vehicle could not be put on an unmanned ship. She “softly landed” in the ocean.

SpaceX is rapidly expanding the Starlink satellite constellation. With each launch, their number in near-Earth orbit increases by 60, that is, now it has already reached 300 pieces. This year, SpaceX expects to perform approximately two launches per month.

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