Space-fast SSD for the new Mac Pro. And cheaper than original Apple drives

for Apple Mac Pro, in the configurator on the manufacturer’s website, an 8 TB SSD is now available. But you will have to pay an extra $ 2,600 for the price of the basic version.

OWC offers an alternative. A PCIe SSD compatible with the new Mac Pro is now available. The novelty has the same capacity – 8 TB, but at the same time it is much cheaper. More precisely, 8 TB is the maximum capacity of an OWC Accelsior 4M2 drive, and for such a model the manufacturer asks for “just” $ 1,600. A 4 TB SSD can be bought for $ 950, a 2 TB model costs $ 630, and 1 TB costs $ 480.

But besides the fact that the OWC drive is cheaper, it is also significantly faster. If the Apple SSD provides speeds of up to 3400 MB / s, then OWC has a declared speed of over 6000 MB / s! More precisely, the write speed is 6775 MB / s, read – 6318 MB / s.

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