South Korean scientists have developed technology for wireless charging smart contact lenses

Wireless charging makes smart contact lenses more convenient to use.
Scientists from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Korea have developed a technology for wireless charging smart contact lenses, ensuring their continuous operation.

A team of researchers used the ultra-thin printing method to create a supercapacitor, rectifier circuits, and an LED inside a soft contact lens.

The supercapacitor serves as a power source – a key part of very small wearable devices in which batteries cannot be used as such.

The ability to manufacture very thin and durable components can lead to all kinds of innovations and contribute to the development of new types of smart wearable devices.

“The created smart lens is flexible, like any other ordinary contact lens, but it has a built-in circuit used to test various biomarkers in human tears, and it provides the owner with access to the possibilities of augmented reality like in science fiction films,” the source cites words of developers.

Wireless charging eliminates the need to connect contacts. The lens does not heat up while charging. It can be stored in a normal contact lens solution. How soon development will reach application in serial products is still unknown.

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