Sony will have to work seven days a week to cope with the demand for image sensors

Production works around the clock.
Sony’s image sensor companies operate around the clock, but that’s not enough to handle orders. For the second year in a row, the relevant division of the Japanese company will have to abandon New Year’s holidays in order to satisfy the demand for sensors used in cameras of mobile devices. This was reported to the source by the head of the Terushi Shimizu unit. In the current fiscal year, the electronic giant more than doubled its capital investments in the division, bringing them up to $ 2.6 billion. A new plant is under construction in Nagasaki, which will begin operations in April 2021.

“Judging by how things are going, even all these investments in capacity expansion may not be enough,” said Shimizu. “We have to apologize to customers, because we simply cannot produce enough.”

Demand spurred a trend towards an increase in the number of sensors in the main camera of the smartphone. Now the configuration with three sensors has become typical, so even in conditions when the growth of the smartphone market is over, sales of Sony image sensors continue to grow.

Of course, Sony image sensors are used not only in smartphones. According to the calculations of the company itself, it already controls more than half of the global market for image sensors, and by 6025 it counts on 60%.

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