Sony PlayStation 5 will be released on time, but it is worth preparing for the deficit for at least three to four months

Recent rumors say that the older models of the iPhone 12 line may be somewhat delayed in entering the market, and we will receive them not in September, but in October. Also, there were a lot of rumors regarding the possible delay in the next generation of game consoles.

According to the source, referring to knowledgeable informants, the coronavirus pandemic influenced Sony’s plans for promoting the PlayStation 5, but not on production facilities. The console will be released on time – at the end of this year, although there is no exact date for the start of sales.

However, there will still be some difficulties. So, before the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2021, Sony will release 5-6 million new-generation consoles. And this means that, most likely, at least until March next year, a PS5 deficit will form on the market, since the same PS4 at that time during the same period produced 7.5 million, and a deficit was also observed.

However, the deficit may not be reduced by such a high demand, due to the price of the console. The source says the PS5 is expected to be priced at $ 500-550, which is consistent with most previous assumptions. In addition, after the release of the PS5 or shortly before, Sony is likely to reduce the prices of the PS4 and PS4 Pro, so that the price gap between the generations will become even larger, which may contribute to the fact that some buyers still prefer the old prefix.

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