Sony introduced advanced competitor Tesla


Sony has decided to truly surprise visitors to CES 2020 by announcing its first car. The Japanese corporation has partnered with giants such as Bosch, NVIDIA, Continental, Magna and Genetex, and revealed a prototype electric car of the future.

The Sony Vision-S concept car primarily demonstrates how modern technology can be used in the automotive industry. For several years, the company worked to promote its own automotive sensors that can make driving more comfortable.

As a result, Vision-S immediately received 33 sensors that fully control both the exterior and interior of the car. Sensors are able to provide the necessary safety, prevent collisions with pedestrians and collisions. At the same time, Sony emphasizes that it paid a lot of attention to the infotainment system, which received the Reality Audio panoramic sound technology.

Inside the car there are many displays: a huge main one, which acts as a dashboard, as well as two touch screens for passengers in the rear seats and a side panel on the center console.

The Vision-S platform was developed by the industrial giant Magna. True, the manufacturer does not disclose any technical characteristics of the car, noting that it continues to work on improving the power plants. There was also no information on autopilot integration.

So far, there is no data on Sony plans to release an electric car for sale.


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