Sony has released a wireless speaker that can be worn around the neck

Sony has released a wireless speaker Sony SRS-WS1, which must be worn around the neck. According to the manufacturer, it offers users real surround sound that enhances the immersive effect in films and games.

Sony SRS-WS1 is equipped with speakers with a diameter of 30 mm, which are located on both sides. The sound is reproduced in the immediate vicinity of the ears, so that you have enough medium volume to hear everything. You certainly won’t even bother your neighbors with such a column even at night.

The Sony SRS-WS1 comes with a wireless transmitter that lets you connect up to two of these speakers to your TV. You can also connect it to phones and gaming devices using the included cable.

The price of the device is 300 dollars. If you pre-order the Sony SRS-WS1 before December 1, you will drop the price to $ 250.

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