Sony denies unexpectedly high prices on the PlayStation 5

Less than a year is left before the start of sales.
The network has details about the prices of the next-gen game console Sony PlayStation 5. Initially, the Japanese-themed resource GamersGate shared the details.

According to the source, the prefix should go on sale in Japan on December 4. The basic Sony PlayStation 5 model with a 1 TB solid-state drive is priced at about $ 637, and the premium version with 4 TB is worth a thousand dollars. Previously, it was estimated that the price would be about $ 500.

Fortunately, Sony quickly denied the rumors. Journalists from the Japanese Famitsu turned to the company for comment and a spokesman said the information on GamersGate “was not an official announcement.” Since there was no link to the source attached to the message about the price and the date of the start of sales, now you can safely regard it as unreliable.

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