Smartphones announced as coronavirus carriers

Mobile phones have long been one of the most inseparable elements of our lives. All the more terrible is the following news related to the coronavirus, which arrived in time from China.

There are currently three possible transmission routes for coronavirus. In the first case, the virus is transmitted through the air when coughing or sneezing, in the second – in close contact with the patient. Finally, you can become infected by using the same objects that you touched or could get particles of the patient’s saliva. If you then bring your hands in your eyes, nose or mouth, then there is a high probability of infection.

Accordingly, mobile phones are becoming potential carriers of the coronavirus. It has been repeatedly reported that quite a lot of dirt and bacteria are collected on the cases and screens of smartphones. Obviously, particles of the saliva of a person who regularly coughs and sneezes also remain on smartphones.

According to Zhang Lubo, the chief disinfection expert at the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you need to constantly wash your hands and regularly disinfect smartphones by wiping them with alcohol and paper towels. This will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

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