SK Hynix talks about DDR5 memory, which will launch this year

SK Hynix spoke in a blog post about the DDR5 memory it is developing, hoping to launch this year. Among the features of the new memory, the maximum effective frequency of 8400 MHz can be distinguished. The lowest frequency provided by the standard is 3200 MHz, but manufacturers plan to start with the DDR5-4800.

The minimum density of one DDR5 crystal is 8 Gbps, and the maximum is 64 Gbps, which is four times the DDR4.

The number of banks is doubled compared to DDR4 – from 16 in 4 groups to 32 in 8 groups. The maximum packet length (the amount of data transmitted by a single read or write command) was doubled from 8 to 16, which increased throughput.

The Same Bank Refresh function also helps to increase the speed. It allows regeneration not in all banks at once (at this moment it is impossible to access memory), but only in a certain bank in all groups of banks. Due to this, an increase in productivity of 6-9% is predicted. Another important change, in addition to increasing capacity and speed, is the addition of ECC at the crystal level.

Finally, the supply voltage was reduced from 1.2 V to 1.1 V, which led to a decrease in power consumption by about 20%.

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