Sharp Foldable TVs Are Ready

As it became known, Sharp has patented various folding designs of its new TVs, some of which are ready for presentation. In three of the five options, the TV extends from the base up, and in other cases, falls from top to bottom

This design allows you to safely and easily carry your TV or take it with you, for example, to an exhibition to present your products.

In the case of a display that slides down from above, the design resembles a screen for a projector.

For all proprietary models, Sharp has developed an original back support and reinforcement mechanism. This ensures a good screen tension, as well as the fact that the image is transmitted without distortion.

Sharp is expected to show television at the International Broadcasting Exhibition, which will be held November 13-15. The video below shows the first prototype of the Sharp folding TV.

A world premiere of commercial versions is expected at CES 2020 early next year.

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