Semiconductor product sales are down 0.9% this year

Under the influence of the viral crisis, sales of semiconductor products this year will decrease by 0.9%. This forecast is given by Gartner analysts. Previously, they predicted an increase of 12.5%.

In monetary terms, a reduction from $ 419.1 billion to $ 415.4 billion is projected.

Analysts said that in the memory segment is expected to increase by 13.9%, and in all other segments in total – a decrease of 6.1%. Note that memory accounts for approximately 30% of the entire semiconductor product market. In 2020, it will be $ 124.7 billion. Sales in all other segments will amount to about $ 290.7 billion (a slight discrepancy between the two numbers with the above value for the market as a whole is due to rounding).

By highlighting the NAND and DRAM segments within the memory category, analysts predict that NAND sales will grow by 40% over the year. This will be associated with a relatively low level of supply, which will keep prices at a high level. In the first half of the year, the average price will increase by 15.7%. However, in the second half of the year, a reverse move will begin and the average price will decrease by 9.4%. Regarding DRAM, Gartner predicts a 2.4% drop in annual sales. In this segment, there will be two counter trends: an increase in demand and prices for memory for servers and a decrease in demand and lower prices for memory for smartphones.

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