Sberbank now has the most powerful supercomputer in Russia

Sberbank now owns the most powerful supercomputer in Russia. The company, together with SberCloud, introduced the Christofari supercomputer, named after Nikolai Kristofari, the first client of Russian savings banks.

According to a press release, “Christofari’s supercomputer resources will be available to users of SberCloud’s cloud service. Providing the resources of a supercomputer in the cloud will give users the opportunity to develop and use artificial intelligence algorithms as conveniently and quickly as possible. ”

The supercomputer is based on the Nvidia Tesla V100 accelerators and has a power of 6.7 PFLOPS. If we are talking about typical performance, then Christofari would have taken 29th place in the TOP500 list, and if it’s about peak value, then 40th. In any case, this is a very powerful system.

Supercomputer capacities will be available to customers from December 12.

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