Samsung’s latest update breaks the fingerprint scanner in its bestseller

The other day, the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone received another update, which should have made its fingerprint scanner faster.

The Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s best seller, but the scanner is one of its weak points, as it is very slow.

Unfortunately, the released update turned out to be problematic. After the release of such patches, Samsung recommends that you delete the registered fingerprints and register them again.

Only now, many owners of the Galaxy A50 simply can not register new fingerprints, as the process either does not complete at all, or ends with an error. For some users who nevertheless underwent the procedure, after a while the smartphone ceases to recognize fingerprints at all.

Samsung will clearly fix the problem with the next update, but for now, Galaxy A50 owners can be advised not to delete already registered fingerprints after installing the current patch.

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