Samsung will flood the market with low-cost smartphones with 5G

Samsung was one of the first to launch smartphones with 5G, not related to the flagship line. Model Galaxy A90 5G was released in September. True, it is based on the Snapdragon 855, but still most of the other characteristics are not flagship at all.

This year, the company has already released the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A71 5G worth $ 500 and $ 600. And although this is several times cheaper than the Galaxy S20 line, still even $ 500 is a considerable price. In addition, the Galaxy A51 5G can not boast of a single flagship component.

The source claims that Samsung will continue to market non-flagship smartphones with 5G as part of the Galaxy A. And most importantly, among the new products will be more affordable than now, models. Simply put, Samsung wants to fill the market with relatively inexpensive 5G smartphones. There are no details yet, but it can be assumed that Samsung will need a more affordable Exynos platform with 5G support for this, although the company may well use third-party SoCs.

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