Samsung will cut the flexible screen cheaper Galaxy Fold Also preparing models for 8 and 13 inches

Two well-proven network informants immediately shared details about the long-awaited cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding smartphone.

Indian insider Ishan Agarwal replied on Twitter that he could confirm that the new Samsung Galaxy Fold series smartphone marked SM-F700 (only 4G) will be released in two colors – black and lilac. This model will receive 256 GB of flash memory and a more affordable cost. Release is expected in many regions, including India, the USA, Korea, China and Europe.

Another source was AndroidLovers on Twitter. According to him, a foldable Samsung smartphone with 256 GB of flash memory will receive a 6.7-inch screen. This is significantly less than the original 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold. He also said that Samsung is preparing to release larger folding models – with a diagonal of 8 and 13 inches.

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