Samsung strikes back Xiaomi and Huawei. Inexpensive smartphones will become frameless thanks to the “reverse” cutout

Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has published a new patent filed by Samsung Display.

It describes a way to make a smartphone bezel-less with a screen that occupies almost the entire surface of the front panel and without such unnecessary impediments to viewing the image, such as cutouts, holes, and bangs.

To do this, it is proposed to make a “reverse cut-out” or “bang” on the contrary – the earpiece, sensors and the front camera are located in the ledge of the case above the screen. Last weekend, Xiaomi received a patent for a similar development for a dual front camera, and earlier, Vivo and Huawei came up with similar technologies.

Such solutions may appear in low-cost smartphones, while for expensive flagships, manufacturers are now developing “hidden” cameras under the screen, which can only be seen when necessary.

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