Samsung somehow miraculously burst into the ranking of the most successful companies in the largest smartphone market

The popular Chinese benchmark Master Lu published a fresh report on the position of forces in the largest smartphone market in the first quarter of 2020.

The first place is occupied by Huawei with a market share of 18.51%, the second place is taken by a subsidiary brand Honor, which received 14.66% of the market. At this pace, in the future, Honor may be ahead of the parent company.

In the first quarter of 2020, Oppo overtook Xiaomi, taking third place with a market share of 14.51%, while Xiaomi’s result was 13.9%. She barely held fourth place, as Vivo gained 13.67%.

I would like to highlight the result of the South Korean company Samsung, which over the past years could not overcome the mark of 1% of the market. Samsung ranked 4.72% in the first quarter, ahead of ZTE (2.7%), Meizu (2.6%), OnePlus (1.25%) and Nubia (0.75%).

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