Samsung smartphone with an incredibly huge battery has fallen in price

In the second half of last year, Samsung released a very unusual smartphone for itself – the Galaxy M30s. The main highlight of this device is that it is equipped with a 6000 mAh battery.

This is not only a record for Samsung itself, but also a record for the segment, if we are talking about branded devices. In addition, the Galaxy M30s with such an impressive battery does not offer to put up with any drawbacks: it has a sufficiently productive platform for this class, a good screen and a normal camera.

And the Galaxy M30s is also interesting because it was he who first received the camera module in the new design, which will now be on most smartphones this year.

And today it became known that in the native Indian market, this smartphone has significantly fallen in price. Now it costs only from 180 dollars against 196 dollars at the start of sales. The version with 6 GB of RAM fell in price from 238 to 210 dollars.

Thus, soon we should expect new prices in other regions.

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