Samsung showed the fundamentally changed Galaxy Fold 2. It looks like a folding in half Galaxy Note10

Samsung Electronics today opened the annual developer conference SDC19 (Samsung Developer Conference). During a speech on the capabilities of the new One UI 2 interface, the first official confirmation of rumors about the company’s new folding smartphone was made.

Samsung revealed a new folding model with a flexible screen, which is very different from the original Galaxy Fold. As the company explained, the folding form factor not only allows you to turn “ordinary phones into small tablets, but also make large phones small.”

Samsung noted that it plans to Samsung will continue to explore a number of new form factors in the category of folding smartphones. She also encouraged developers to “join the exploration of new user experiences and scenarios.”

The smartphone is made in the form of a vertical clamshell. Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, the new model is not folding along, but across. According to rumors, in this form factor before the end of the year the long-awaited heir to the legendary Motorola Razr clamshell will also be presented. In the open state, the smartphone resembles a Galaxy Note10 with a central cutout on the screen under the front camera.

Samsung’s second attempt to enter the market with a foldable smartphone with a flexible screen is expected next year, most likely at the February Mobile World Congress 2020.

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