Samsung moves from LCD technology to QD-OLED

According to the latest information, Samsung will close all lines for the production of liquid crystal displays (LCD) by the end of this year. Sources say Samsung is about to move from LCDs to the new QD-OLED technology.

It is expected that the company’s new televisions will use QD-OLED screens, in addition, in the near future Samsung will spend $ 11 billion on the construction of a factory that will produce QD-OLED TVs.

Speaking about Samsung QD-OLED technology, it is worth noting that it retains the advantages of OLED screens. At the same time, the technology of quantum dots allows you to give the screen a high color gamut and brightness. The complexity and cost of production of QD-OLED after reaching the level of mass production will be lower than that of OLED. Sources are sure that this is a very promising technology. QD-OLED screens will outperform OLED in quality and cost less.

However, there are a number of factors that prevent QD-OLED from moving quickly toward OLED:

  • OLED technology is mature and continues to evolve, so the price is falling
  • At this stage, QD-OLED is still only a laboratory product, no one knows what the percentage of output of quality products will be
  • QD-OLED technology is not sufficiently developed, mass production is not yet possible
  • Initially, the price of QD-OLED will be as high as that of OLED

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