Samsung introduced the third generation HBM2E memory – Flashbolt

The stack includes eight 16-gigabyte crystals.
Samsung Electronics announced the release of third-generation HBM2E High Bandwidth Memory, called Flashbolt. This memory was announced in March last year, and the South Korean manufacturer promises to start its serial production in the current half year.

Like the second-generation Aquabolt HBM2E memory, the new memory is designed for supercomputers, artificial intelligence applications and graphics systems.

Compared to Aquabolt, the amount of memory per stack is doubled. In one stack on a buffer crystal, eight DRAM crystals with a density of 16 Gbps are collected, which gives a volume of 16 GB. Crystals are produced at 1y nm standards. They are interconnected by more than 40,000 interlayer compounds (TSVs) – 5600 per crystal.

Memory Samsung Flashbolt supports data transfer speed of 3.2 Gb / s, and the bandwidth of the entire stack reaches 410 GB / s. Moreover, according to Samsung, the speed can reach 4.2 Gb / s, and bandwidth – 538 GB / s. This figure is 1.75 times higher than the bandwidth of Aquabolt, equal to 307 GB / s.

The manufacturer notes that the supply of HBM2 Aquabolt memory will continue.

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