Samsung has shown the capabilities of 5G mmWave technology in terms of data transfer speed

Samsung Electronics has demonstrated a record high speed data transfer in a 5G network. The Samsung 5G mmWave access unit, using the 800 MHz band in the mmWave spectrum and the MU-MIMO technology, provided a data transfer rate of about 4.3 Gbit / s on each of the two mobile devices, which corresponds to a record peak value of 8.5 Gbit / s in total. Two key technologies helped to obtain this result: carrier aggregation and MU-MIMO.

A test conducted in laboratory conditions showed a key feature of 5G mmWave – the ability to obtain speeds of the order of units of gigabits per second, unattainable for equipment operating in the low-frequency ranges. High bandwidth will provide users with 5G streaming video in 8K resolution, distance learning using augmented reality technologies, teleconferencing using virtual reality technologies and many other features.

In Japan, South Korea and the USA, the range for 5G mmWave has already been allocated, and in two of these countries even commercial networks have been launched at these frequencies. It is expected that in the coming years 5G mmWave will be introduced in other countries.

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