Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – the flagship stainless steel

Co-era Samsung Galaxy S6 South Korean company uses aviation aluminum alloy.
Max Weinbach, editor-in-chief of the famous XDA Developers resource, continues to provide us with news about the new smartphones of the South Korean company Samsung.

This time we are talking about the most expensive model in the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, which will be released under the name Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition to the better camera compared to the standard model with the main image sensor with a resolution of 108 megapixels, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will have another feature – constructive. The smartphone will be made of stainless steel.

It is worth noting that since the time of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the South Korean company has been using aviation aluminum alloy as the body material for its smartphones. In 2020, the situation should change.

The second piece of information concerns the refresh rate of the screen. All smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line out of the box will work with an image refresh rate of 60 Hz, at which the operating time without recharging will be maximum. 120 Hz mode will be available for inclusion in the screen settings. But when you turn it on, you will see a message stating that the picture will be smoother, while working time will be reduced without recharging.

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is expected on February 11.

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