Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra surprised in real tests

Following a 25-watt charge, a 45 W adapter was tested.
Our colleagues from the Phone Arena website first checked how fast the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is charging with the full 25-watt charge, and later added a comparison of the intermediate results when using chargers with 25 and 45 watts.

And here the most interesting part begins: the results of the experiment indicate that a 45-watt charger has a certain meaning for those users who usually do not charge their smartphone to 100%. Why? Because only in this case, the 25-watt charge adapter has at least some advantage over 25-watt charging.

The following are the measurement results:

  • 15 minutes: 32% at 25 W, 37% at 45 W
  • 30 minutes: 62% at 25 W, 70% at 45 W
  • 45 minutes: 89% at 25 W, 92% at 45 W
  • 59 minutes: 100% at 25 W, 100% at 45 W

A real test confirmed that Samsung has slightly embellished the capabilities of the 45-watt charger, which if desired, must be purchased separately. It fully charges the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery in 59 minutes (previously it was said about 58 minutes). Exactly the same time a 25-watt adapter needs. However, if you have only 15-20 minutes before leaving your home, then a 45-watt adapter will recharge the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a couple of percent more.

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