Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in terms of autonomy barely outperformed the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but lagged behind last year’s Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra definitely turned out to be successful, if we forget about the very high price. In addition to the 120-Hertz screen and a completely new camera, the flagship of the Korean giant boasts an impressive 5000 mAh battery. And this is more than Samsung’s flagships of yesteryear. But is this enough to be the best?

Testing the autonomy of the resource Tom’s Guide showed that not quite. The authors loaded test devices via a browser using a cellular network connection with a screen brightness of 150 k / m2. In the case of Samsung’s new product, the test was carried out twice: in the 60 and 120 Hz mode.

As you can see, the results of the Galaxy S20 Ultra (at 60 Hz), Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max are very close, but last year Samsung’s flagship won. Yes, it has a less capacious battery than its successor, but a significantly smaller screen and no gluttonous 5G modem.

If we talk about the 120-Hertz mode of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, then the result is still pretty good. Recall that this smartphone also charges very quickly even when using a 25-watt charger (in 58-59 minutes).

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