Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + received eco-label “Leaflet of life”

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + are safe for health.
The flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + have successfully passed the certification of conformity in the system “List of Life”. The receipt of the marking confirmed the status of Samsung Electronics as a responsible manufacturer of environmentally friendly mobile devices in the Russian and world markets.

The Vitality Leaf program was developed in 2001 by one of the leading non-profit organizations in Russia, the Ecological Union, and is the first Russian system of voluntary environmental certification of products, works and services in their life cycle. Eco-friendly “Leaflet of Life” confirms that Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphones | Note10 + is safe for health, the production of devices minimizes damage to the environment.

Certification for compliance with standards is possible only on the basis of an analysis of all stages of the life cycle – “from raw materials extraction to disposal”. Since 2011, the Leaflet of Life certification has been accredited by the International Program for Mutual Trust and Recognition of the Leading Ecological Labels of the World (GENICES).

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