Samsung Electronics plans to invest in a factory and equipment for serial production of micro-LED panels

Funds will be allocated next year.
According to the source, Samsung Electronics plans to invest in the plant and equipment in the first half of next year in order to launch mass production of micro-LED panels (micro-LED). The source clarifies that the South Korean manufacturer has not yet decided on the exact size of the investment or the productivity of the enterprise.

Meanwhile, industry officials say Samsung Electronics is currently completing an evaluation of the equipment needed to produce micro-LED panels. In this regard, the company shared the schedule for panel production with its partners.

“Samsung Electronics is testing the performance and quality of key equipment because it plans to invest in equipment in the first half of next year,” the source quoted a representative of one of the equipment manufacturers.

Presumably, Samsung Electronics will determine the size of investments and the schedule after the CES 2020 exhibition, which will be held in the USA in January.

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