Samsung Electronics Launches Batch Production Using EUV Lithography

This line produces products at 7 nm or less.
Samsung Electronics has announced the start of mass production of semiconductor products in a new line located in Hwason, Korea.

The V1 production line has become Samsung’s first line specializing in the production of products exclusively using EUV lithography with technological standards of 7 nm or less. It was laid in February 2018, and began test production in the second half of last year. The first batches of serial products manufactured on this line will be shipped to customers in the current quarter.

Now they produce microchips for mobile devices at the standards of 7 nm and 6 nm. Over time, the manufacturer expects to master more subtle standards – up to 3 nm.

According to Samsung plans, by the end of 2020, US $ 6 billion will be invested in the V1 line in total, and the total production volume at the standards of 7 nm or less will triple as compared to 2019.

Given the V1 line, Samsung has six semiconductor plants in South Korea and the United States. Five of them are designed for substrates with a diameter of 300 mm, the remaining – for substrates with a diameter of 200 mm. On this line, products are manufactured according to the standards of 65-180 nm. The S1 line produces products at the standards of 8-65 nm, S2 – 11-65 nm, S3 – 10 nm, S4 – 65 nm.

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