Samsung Display Invests $ 10.85 Billion in QD-OLED Panel Production

According to the source, Samsung Display (SDC) officially announced a decision to invest $ 10.85 billion in research, development and production of QD-OLED television panels. The investment plan is designed for 6 years – from 2019 to 2025. The first step is to re-equip the production line at the L8 factory in Tanjong, Korea.

Now this company produces liquid crystal panels. Its productivity is equal to 125,000 substrates per month. After the conversion of factories will be able to produce panels QD-OLED. Their serial production should begin in the first quarter of 2021. Productivity will be 30,000 substrates per month.

In the long run, SDC plans to transfer all of its 8th generation liquid crystal lines with a total capacity of 360,000 substrates to produce QD-OLED panels. Their total productivity will be about 100,000 substrates.

Samsung’s QD-OLED panels have several advantages over LG Display’s WRGB panels. In particular, QD-OLED includes 13 layers compared to 22 layers in WRGB, which entails simplification of production, increase in the percentage of yield and lower costs. According to DSCC estimates, the materials needed to produce 1 m2 of QD-OLED panels cost about $ 26, while in the case of WOLED this amount reaches $ 95.

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