Samsung closes Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold factory due to infected employee

Employees who contacted the infected are quarantined.
An outbreak of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan continues to affect a wide variety of companies. Because of it, the largest mobile exhibition Mobile World Congress was canceled, many companies canceled the planned press conferences.

Chinese factories for the production of smartphones and other electronics are running behind schedule, which is why a decrease in phone shipments is forecasted in the first quarter of this year.

As several specialized publications report at once, the South Korean Samsung factory, which is planning a new hit of sales of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, will be closed due to the fact that an employee was diagnosed with a new virus infection.

The factory in Gumi, South Korea, is mainly engaged in the production of Samsung phones with folding screens, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold. South Korean media reported that the plant will cease operation on February 24. A Samsung press release said that employees who contacted the infected were quarantined.

In general, the closure of this plant will not hit Samsung sales much, since most of the company’s smartphones are assembled in other factories, but this will upset potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, who will have to wait longer for a new batch to appear on the market.

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