Samsung chairman sentenced to 18 months in prison

Lee Sung Hong conspired with other Samsung executives to violate South Korea’s labor laws.
Recently, Samsung tried to deal with several court cases. The latest is the accusation by Lee Sang-hoon, chairman of the board of the company, in Seoul by a court for violating South Korean union laws. The court sentenced him to 18 months in prison.

Before becoming chairman of the board of directors two years ago, Lee San Hong, as the source notes, served as Samsung CFO. It was during this period that a crime was committed.

An investigation into the case in which Lee San Hoon was convicted was launched in 2013 when company documents were discovered describing methods that impede union work. This was the beginning of a long-standing trial that ultimately led to charges and imprisonment for dozens of Samsung executives. However, the case against Lee San Hun was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Ironically, the case was resumed last year, when investigators accidentally stumbled upon additional evidence during a raid on company offices for a separate investigation. Convincing evidence was found that Lee San Hong conspired with other Samsung executives to violate South Korean labor laws.

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