Samsung and Huawei did not even dream of such sales. iPad is still the undisputed tablet market leader

IDC analysts evaluated the tablet market in the third quarter and came to the conclusion that the market grew by 1.9% in annual terms. Basically, the growth of the entire market is due to sales of only two companies: Apple and Amazon.

The first increased supplies by 21.8%, to 11.8 million devices, and the second – by 25.6%, to 5.5 million. It is Apple and Amazon that occupy the first and second places in the market, respectively.

Samsung closes the top three, but the company showed a decline in sales of 13.9%, to 4.6 million. Also, the top five include Huawei and Lenovo.

The success of Apple can be explained by the appearance of new available models, as well as the spread of iPadOS. Well, Amazon tablets attract buyers with ultra-low prices.

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