Samsung again closes the factory, which produces flagship smartphones

And again, the reason for this is coronavirus.
According to a source, Samsung decided to close the factory in Kumi, which produces the flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip Z. The reason is the coronavirus, confirmed by one of the workers. An idle enterprise will last two days – from March 1 to 3.

This is the second closure of the factory in recent times, the last time the enterprise was quarantined exactly a week ago. Then Samsung assured that downtime will not affect the production of smartphones in any way, and for sure this time the official comment will be in the same vein.

Another confirmed case of coronavirus infection is registered at the Samsung semiconductor factory in Yongin. But he did not affect the production in any way, since the person associated with the work of the dining room was infected. As a precaution, Samsung temporarily closed the dining room. In total, three confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were registered on the territory of Samsung enterprises.

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