Sales of the anamorphic Vazen 28mm T2.2 Micro Four Thirds system began

Last June, the Chinese company Vazen announced the sale of three anamorphic lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras. Lenses with focal lengths of 28 mm, 40 mm and 65 mm provide anamorphization with a factor of 1.8, that is, when used with Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Lumix GH5 / s, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or Z-cam E2, they allow Get a frame with an aspect ratio of 2.39: 1. Sales of the first of three models, the Vazen 40mm T2, began shortly after the announcement.

Recently, the manufacturer’s website has the opportunity to order a second model, the Vazen 28mm T2.2. One of its advantages is a small mass. According to the manufacturer, this is “the world’s lightest 1.8x anamorphic lens for Panasonic GH5, Z-Cam E2 and Blackmagic Pocket 4K cameras.”

The lens weighs 720 g. For comparison: the Vazen 40mm T2 weighs 1.8 kg. The diameter of the Vazen 28mm T2.2 is 80 mm and the length is 107 mm. Light transmission varies from T2.2 to T16. The angle of view is 72 °. The minimum focusing distance is 82 cm.

In addition, the manufacturer confirmed its intention to release the third of the models announced last summer. Its focal length will be 65 mm, but the rest of the specifications are still unknown.

A Vazen 28mm T2.2 lens costs $ 3,250 – as much as a Vazen 40mm T2. If you buy both lenses at once, you can get a discount of $ 400.

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