Sales of semiconductor products decreased by 12% over the year

Affected by lower prices for memory chips.
The Semiconductor Industry Association or SIA announced that global sales of these products in 2019 amounted to $ 412.1 billion. This is 12.1% less than in 2018.

If we consider only the fourth quarter, sales amounted to 108.3 billion dollars, which corresponds to a decrease of 5.5% in annual terms.

The largest market segments are memory chips and logic chips. Each of them in 2019 was equal to 106.4 billion dollars. At the same time, memory sales decreased significantly – by 32.6% compared to 2018. We clarify that we are talking about monetary terms. The information volume, on the contrary, has increased, although insignificantly. The largest reduction was recorded in the DRAM category – by 37.1%. NAND flash product sales were down 25.9%. For comparison: sales of all other semiconductor products in total decreased by 1.7%. It is worth noting that sales of optoelectronic devices for the year increased by 9.3%.

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