Sales of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones are disappointing. In the home market, they account for 60-80% of the Galaxy S10 line of sales

According to a source, sales of new flagship Samsung smartphones in the home market are not encouraging. Samsung itself claims that sales of new products make up only 80% of the supply of Galaxy S10 5G series devices for the same period, and third-party sources say only 60%.

Here it’s worth clarifying that, probably, the source still means the entire Galaxy S10 line, and not exclusively 5G models.

Of course, the new models are significantly more expensive, but the main reason is not this, but the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, due to which sales of smartphones (and not only) have drastically sagged around the world.

The source does not have sales data for Samsung’s new flagships in the global market, but most likely the situation is similar everywhere. And this, of course, could not but affect the financial performance of Samsung. According to the results of the first quarter, the mobile unit is expected to report an operating profit of $ 2 billion or less.

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