Russian robocop Promobot join the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Russian company Promobot yesterday at the Interpolitex exhibition presented a demo version of a police robot. The Promobot V.4 model is not much different from other service robots of the manufacturer.

Like other models, Promobot V.4 can be called an information terminal. In this case, it is understood that the robot will help police in crowded places. For example, a robot can display information about a person from the base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or take fingerprints.

Also, Promobot V.4 has a passport scanner and a camera that will allow you to quickly enter new data into the database.

Despite the fact that the company has been selling its robots for a long time, including abroad, the introduction of robots in the Ministry of Internal Affairs system is a difficult question. Therefore, the company expects that the first police robots will not be commissioned until 2030.

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