Russian Government distributed 5G frequencies without auction

In preparation for the creation of the infrastructure of fifth-generation 5G networks, the government of the Russian Federation decided to abandon the auction of distribution of frequencies in the millimeter range. As a result, only two operators were selected to test them.

Frequencies for testing the 5G standard will be received by the company New Digital Solutions, owned by MegaFon and Rostelecom. This was stated by the State Commission on Radio Frequencies (SCRF). The company will test the millimeter range for compatibility with its own means of communication, and will also explore the possibility of launching 5G at previously allocated frequencies for 4G and 3G standards.

Another participant in the process will be the Radio Research Institute. No additional auctions will be held. In parallel, MTS and Vimpelcom should join the testing, but the representatives of these operators have not yet been able to agree on the creation of a joint venture with equal shares.

Such testing will allow you to comprehensively prepare the necessary equipment and avoid the need for additional tests to determine the electromagnetic compatibility of all communication tools for 5G. Moreover, experts are sure that the problem of frequency deficit in the range of 3.4-3.8 GHz is still relevant. Further costs for operators to release the spectrum may be tantamount to the costs of implementing the “Spring Law”.

According to preliminary estimates of the LTE Union, the conversion of frequencies for 5G will cost 16 billion rubles. The dates for this procedure are indicated in the technology development roadmap from 2019 to 2022.

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