Russia has created a new technology to protect the eyes from laser radiation

To protect the eyes when working with lasers, special glasses with light filters and electro-optical shutters are used. However, they have a number of design problems that can lead to personal injury. The new development of Russian scientists is devoid of such shortcomings and can become a universal solution for medicine, cosmetology and many other areas.

Modern goggles require additional power, in addition, they are unable to block high-intensity waves – when working with them, the user may experience a retinal burn, leading to loss of vision. The development of scientists at Voronezh State University is an inexpensive coverage, devoid of all the shortcomings of traditional solutions.

“We were able to develop low threshold optical power limiters with unique hybrid properties through a combination of inorganic and organic structures. In fact, these are such high-speed films that are applied to optics and allow the person working with the laser to maintain their vision, ”the scientists explain.

According to the researchers, the uniqueness of the development lies in the hybrid properties of the film-limiters, which can be used regardless of the laser wavelength. Foreign scientists have been interested in such solutions for a long time, but the first practical results were achieved by Russian researchers. The new coating is planned to be introduced at manufacturing enterprises, where laser engraving and marking is used, as well as in medical institutions for diagnostics, surgery and cosmetology.

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