In Russia, they will conduct regular exercises to disconnect the Runet from the World Wide Web

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the so-called “autonomous” or “sovereign” Runet law, which will enter into force on November 1 of this year. Reportedly, the other day Dmitry Medvedev signed a regulation on conducting exercises to ensure the safety of the Runet. This document will also enter into force on November 1.

It implies regular exercises to disconnect the Runet from the World Wide Web. Regularity has not yet been determined, but exercises should be held at least once a year. The plan will be approved by the Ministry of Communications of Russia annually until December 1, and the schedule will be freely available on the Roskomnadzor website for five business days from the date of publication. In addition, extraordinary events are also provided.

Both government departments and telecom operators will be involved in the exercises. As stated in the document, the exercises will be “a set of technical and tactical measures aimed at completing tasks in a specific situation of threats to the stability, security and integrity of the Internet network functioning in Russia, with the exception of the Russian state segment of the Internet network,” and public communications networks. ”

The training participants will be both telecom operators and owners of communication networks and traffic exchange points. The relevant departments including Rossvyaz, Roskomnadzor, FSB, FSO, FSTEC, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Defense will oversee the training.

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