Rumors about the superiority of the Sony PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Scarlett turned out to be nonsense

Last weekend, the first photo of working Sony PlayStation 5 consoles appeared in the version for developers and the new DualShock 5 controller.

Gamers began to be surprised that so far there have been much fewer leaks about the next Microsoft Xbox, and development kits are not just not photographed, but not even described by eyewitnesses and not sketched by amateur designers.

The well-known informant and chief editor of the authoritative resource The Verge Tom Warren tried to dispel general perplexity. He said on his page on the social network Twitter that almost no one has kits for developers and the console is still far from the final stage.

Warren also said that was why we heard “a lot of bullshit” about the Xbox Scarlett’s insufficient power. He stressed that Microsoft this time wants to surprise Sony.

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