Rolls-Royce Launches Selected Social Network

More than two years ago, Rolls-Royce launched the Whispers app for a small group of its customers. After closed testing, the exclusive social network was approved by users and began to gain momentum, and everyone was aware of the benefits and conditions of membership in it. As it turned out, becoming a member of a private club is much more difficult than registering on Facebook.

The application is available exclusively to Rolls-Royce car owners 2003 release and newer in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Rolls-Royce claims that its customers – successful industrialists, rock stars, statesmen and members of the royal family – have much in common. These are entrepreneurs, philanthropists, collectors, philanthropists and adventurers.

Whispers App By Rolls Royce Motor Cars

Whispers App By Rolls Royce Motor Cars

The application is used to provide exclusive access to sports, fashion, art, music events and luxury travel around the world. And which, according to the company, is especially important – users of a closed social network receive exclusive preliminary reviews of new Rolls-Royce products and services before they become public.

In addition, Whispers offers users the opportunity to communicate not only with other owners of premium cars, but also with the CEO of Rolls-Royce, as well as members of the board of directors of the automaker. This allows them to share their ideas and business proposals with the company.

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