Researchers have created the first neural network with living brain cells

Following Ilon Musk, who promised a breakthrough in the field of brain implants, a team of European scientists reported a new achievement in the development of the neural interface. They were the first in the world who managed to provide a connection between living and artificial neurons of the brain, moreover, located hundreds of kilometers from each other.

To conduct the experiment, scientists from the University of Padua in Italy raised rat neurons in the laboratory. Another team from the University of Zurich was engaged in the creation of artificial neurons on silicon microarrays. The virtual environment through which the management of nanoelectronic synapses (memristors) was carried out was developed at the University of Southampton. During the experiment, the researchers managed to create a hybrid network, in which biological and artificial neurons in different parts of the world could transmit signals to each other via the Internet.

“One of the biggest problems in conducting research of this kind is the combination of such unique advanced technologies and expert knowledge that are not found in the natural environment. By creating a virtual laboratory, we were able to achieve this, ”the scientists said.

Researchers expect that their development will cause increased interest from the scientific community. It is especially emphasized that such an interaction does not occur in nature. According to the creators of the technology, such experiments will help lay the foundations for neuro prosthetic technologies that can open the way to research on replacing non-functional parts of the brain with microchips with artificial intelligence.

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