Replacing the Motorola Razr flexible screen was half the price of a Samsung Galaxy Fold

Motorola introduced today the rebirth of the legendary clamshell Motorola Razr. The folding smartphone received a flexible screen that is easily scratched and damaged.

A burning topic for such smartphones was the cost of replacing a flexible display. At Samsung Galaxy Fold, for example, such a repair would cost $ 599. In order not to scare away potential buyers, Samsung temporarily reduced the price to $ 149. But this program is only valid for devices purchased before December 31 of this year.

If you do not take into account discounts, the price of replacing the screen with the brand new Motorola Razr turned out to be half as much – $ 299. Note that here we are talking about damage that is not covered by the warranty.

For comparison, the cost of replacing the glass back panel of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max or XS Max will cost $ 599, and the Galaxy Note 10+ screen will cost $ 289.

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