Remote temperature measuring device and Face mask recognition device for medical masks Smartec

The new Smartec STX-IP21TM complex performs non-contact measurement of body temperature while recognizing the faces of people in the stream for the timely detection of those infected with viral infections.

The device in real time measures the temperature of tens of people in the frame, even if they use medical masks. The thermal imager determines the temperature of people in the stream at a distance of 3-5 meters with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees.

The developers claim that the compact Smartec STX-IP21TM device is effective even in a dense stream of people, it works very quickly and comes fully ready for 24/7 operation. The device is intended for use in crowded places, medical centers and schools, at airports and at train stations, enterprises, in retail outlets. It can also work outdoors.

The complex combines a thermal imaging module and a two-megapixel IP camera with a wide-angle motorized lens and face recognition function. The camera creates a database of users who passed before it, all data is automatically analyzed. If the set temperature threshold is exceeded, the STX-IP21TM transmits an alarm.

For management, client software is provided, with the help of which temperature thresholds for alarm generation and response algorithms are set.

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